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Welcome to Food • Body • Life
— Accredited Practising Dietitians, Gold Coast, Queensland

What our Dieticians can do for you

We are dietitians who evaluate the what, when, where and how of your food intake and how it impacts on your body, health and wellbeing, and on your life.

We are a team of compassionate, dedicated dieticians who genuinely care and have a 'can do' attitude. We are dieticians who take the time to listen to find out what is unique about you and your life. We have a dynamic and energetic approach to you achieving your goals. Our Dieititian and Nutritionist Office is based on Australia's beautiful Gold Coast.

As Dietitians and Nutritionists we take your food, body and life into consideration when preparing a personalised management plan. We then continue to support you on your journey, fine tuning your eating plan, exploring your eating behaviour and your activity pattern to assist you in achieving your goals.

We manage the following conditions:-

- overweight and obesity
- diabetes
- food allergy and intolerances
- coeliac disease
- irritable bowel syndrome
- sports nutrition
- underweight
- children’s nutrition
- eating disorders
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Making an Appointment with a Dietitian at Food Body Life

Our dieticians who consult on the Gold Coast (Australia) region, can support you via in room consultations in our Gold Coast Office, phone/email, or at your home* (*additional fee). How to contact us for an appointment.